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Welcome to NAC "America's voice and data provider"


Our consultative-led sales approach to major organizations nationwide permits us to be completely focused on your business objectives. We understand your goals and strategies, deliver solutions to help you obtain and retain your customers, help you develop a strategy to manage a combination of increasingly varied channels of business and achieve the maximum value in each of your customer contacts in a secured and controlled fashion.


At NAC we invest considerable time and effort to get a detailed in depth understanding of a customers business; any major issues; immediate and long term goals


NAC provides customers with a very flexible strategy towards support for its broad range of leading edge technical solutions.



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NAC is a new generation independent Voice and Data solutions company. Our consultative led sales approach to major organizations nationwide permits us to be – completely focused on your business objectives

NAC provides a comprehensive portfolio of leading edge voice and data technologies based on best in class solutions.  Focused at the US enterprise marketplace.

With many years experience in corporate organizations, individuals within NAC have a vast experience in the enterprise sector including some of the nations largest and most complex installations.

IP Telephony

IP Telephony is central to today’s accelerating convergence of systems that integrates all multimedia applications (including video as well as voice and data) onto one IP based network infrastructure, utilizing only a single set of management and administrative tools.

Contact Centers

In today’s customer driven economy, business success may rest on effective communications and the evolution of a call center into a customer interaction ‘contact center’ is often the critical difference between success and failure in today’s fast moving economy.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

The SIP is a signaling protocol used for establishing sessions in an IP network. A session could be a simple two-way telephone call or it could be a collaborative multi-media conference session.

Network Services

To complete our full solution portfolio, as part of our consultancy, design and implementation services for delivering broad voice and data solutions, NAC will also complement that with our ability to provide a full range of Network Services offerings.

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